Notification of amendment to Recommendations for Written (Ulster) Scots

Since 2012, Ultonia Language Services has maintained a grammatical and orthographical standard for writing (Ulster) Scots based absolutely on the conventions used in Ulster Scots – A Short Reference Grammar (published by Ultonia Publishing).

This is a notification of some minor amendments to formation of past forms.

1. For regular verbs ending in a vowel cluster but not -e, the recommended suffix is now -ed (replacing -d, which is now rejected) – therefore poued not poud.

2. The strong verb frys ‘freeze’ is now considered to be Class I (not Class IV fruis, which is now rejected), past form fris.

3. The strong verb leak ‘leak’ is now considered to be Class IV (not Class II lek, which is now rejected), recommended past form lak.

4. The strong verbs break and speak now take the recommended past forms brak and spak (replacing braek and spaek, which are now rejected).

5. The strong verb present form shuit ‘shoot’ is now recommended to be so written (replacing shoot, which remains optional); this effectively places it in Class II, but it remains listed separately.

The presence of a velar consonant after the root vowel is now taken to explain the anomalies in Class II (e.g. fecht-focht versus get-gat) and Class IVb (e.g. break-brak versus beat-baet).

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