Our Team

Ian James Parsley (Executive Chairman) is experienced in every angle of influencing public opinion, analysing government policy and assessing economic trends. He has worked as a Public Affairs consultant for clients in all sectors such as Norbrook Ltd and Countryside Alliance Ireland, and handled complex Media Relations accounts such as for the Parades Commission and Legal Services Commission. He also has inside experience of the workings of the devolved administration in Northern Ireland and how it links to Westminster, having developed excellent links within the Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats, worked for two years at Stormont itself as a Policy Adviser, and served for six years as a local Councillor. Well versed in European Affairs as well, Ian speaks fluent German and Spanish and has good contacts with MEPs and advisers from across the political spectrum in Brussels.

Stephen Herron (Associate Director) specialises in rural affairs and in provision of monitoring services, and manages all aspects of our social media, including bespoke sentiment analysis services. He is central to our events promotion and previously worked in a constituency advice office.

Annika Nestius Brown (Events Coordinator) is international media commentator on Northern Ireland affairs, particularly in the field of education, and an adviser to companies seeking new export markets. She has well established contacts in all political parties and across the voluntary sector in Northern Ireland, and among media and civic society in Russia and her native Sweden.

Gavin Falconer (Language Services Coordinator) has worked as a professional editor in both Dáil Éireann and the Northern Ireland Assembly as well as one of the leading players in the development of innovative translation techniques to increase turnaround times dramatically while maintaining highest levels of quality.


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