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COURSE: Ulster-Scots Literature

Ulster-Scots Literature: An Introduction

at Queen’s University, Belfast.

10 weeks, 2pm-4pm each Wednesday from 28 September to 30 November 2016.

To register interest either comment below or email with your details.

COURSE: Advocacy and Campaigning

Successful Advocacy and Campaigning

at Queen’s University, Belfast.

10 weeks, 10am-midday each Wednesday from 28 September to 30 November 2016.

To register interest either comment below or email with your details.

COURSE: Linguistic Identity in Modern Europe

Linguistic Identity in Modern Europe

at Queen’s University, Belfast.

10 weeks, from 2pm-4pm each Thursday from 29 September to 1 December 2016.

To register interest either comment below or email with your details.

Latest Offer: Analysis of new Stormont institutions

Stormont has 33 new MLAs and a cross-community opposition for the first time ever.

What does this mean for you, for your organisation, and for your campaign goals?

Breakfast, lunchtime and tea-time briefings with our Chair and one of Northern Ireland’s foremost political analysts, Ian James Parsley, are selling quickly!

Priced at just £195 and available to groups of any size, just contact us below, or via chairman<at> or 07956045764, to arrange.

COURSE: Ulster-Scots Literature

Ulster-Scots Literature

An introduction to Ulster Scots in its genuine written form.

Sign up here:

FREE: Training on Electoral System

Aimed primarily at journalists and commentators, but also of use to campaigners, we are offer free advice on the Electoral System in Ireland and Northern Ireland as used in Dáil and Stormont elections as well as European and Local Council elections across the Island.

Particularly in Northern Ireland, analysis of likely electoral outcomes, even during the count itself, is harmed by misunderstandings about how the Single Transferable Vote system actually works.

Just drop us a note below, a tweet to @UltoniaComms or an email to to set up a free bespoke briefing!

New Course!

A new single-day course (or morning/afternoon if you wish to select two of the four modules) is available from Ultonia Communications after successful trials!

The UK is changing dramatically. This short course is the essential guide to understanding how devolution works, how you can negotiate it to best advantage, and how we can reasonably predict how this is likely to change in the next few years.

Where are the decisions which affect you made?

Find out how to predict where decisions are made and, more importantly influenced, both now and in future.

How does the UK differ from elsewhere?

Learn the key areas where local decision making differs in the UK from elsewhere – both politically and legally.

How does public finance restrict decision making?

Become informed about how the UK’s public finances work, how this differs from business/household budgeting, and the key differences between public spending at UK and devolved level.

What is the future?

Recognise which aspects of the public debate on the future of the UK are for political show, and which aspects are real.

Courses on Advocacy Skills already delivered to or via:
• Chartered Institute for Public Finance Accountants;
• Government Knowledge;
• NI Council for Voluntary Action;
• Parkinson’s UK;
• Queen’s University, Belfast;
• Stratagem NI.

Morning session: £395
Full day: £595

You can’t find the right answers if you don’t ask the right questions – this short course will ensure you ask the right questions and gain a real influence on public decision making!

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Advocacy / Media Skills Course – Register Interest & Sign Up



Every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm for 10 weeks from 30 September, 2014.


Queen’s University, Belfast.


To deliver a practical awareness of what devolution means and how it works, and how you can monitor and influence it.


Awareness of:
• how devolved institutions are financed and what the limitations of this are (both on public policy development and on application of devolved powers);
• what policy areas are devolved (both in practice and in theory);
• how devolution developed – the structure and culture of devolved institutions and how they came to develop this way;
• the future of devolution – including some comparison with similar situations elsewhere (notably Germany, Spain and the United States);
• public understanding of and attitudes towards devolution;
• lobbyists’ understand of and attitudes towards devolution; and
• the distinction between good and bad advocacy in a devolved setting.

The actual mechanics of devolution (e.g. how legislation is passed) will be noted, but do not form a fundamental part of the course (as they will usual be covered in other political or legal modules).


Rather than a dry series of lectures about the theory of how policy and legislation is debated in devolved legislatures (and committees), the aim is to develop an interactive course from which students will derive a practical understanding (largely in fields of their own interest) of the challenges presented by devolution – both to those operating it and those seeking to influence it.


The course will be delivered by Ian Parsley and Stephen Herron (see Team for bios).


Register an interest here:


Queen’s University adopts Ultonia Advocacy Training

Russell Group member Queen’s University, Belfast has adopted Ultonia’s Advocacy and Media Skills course after a five-week trial.

The ten-week course will start in late September, with potential for it to be run twice concurrently aimed both at students and at professionals.

Ultonia now offering recruitment/training

Ultonia Communications is now assisting other consultancies and educational institutions with recruitment assessment and training people.

Core to this is assessment of ability, including offering lay assessment at interviews and training events.

If we can use this experience to help you, simply let us know by commenting here or emailing!