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Ultonia takes on iMedia market analysis

Ultonia Communications has been recruited by iMedia Analysis Ltd for international market analysis, based in London and Northern Ireland, of its new social media product.

The project will last two months, and will establish which locations provide the likeliest markets, and which aspects of the product are most marketable in them.

Ultonia takes on Social Media Market Research

Ultonia is engaged in a market analysis project concerning use of social media.

If this is something which interests you, please let us know.

Ultonia’s innovative new Public Policy Training

Ultonia’s specialized Northern Ireland public affairs training is growing in popularity – clients such as CIPFA, NICVA and Parkinson’s UK have all made use of the half-day or full-day sessions.

The training is marked out by being not about the technicalities of how the legislative process works, but rather about the practical political and financial constraints which restrict or aid decision-making. If you are seeking to influence public policy, from inside or outside the public sector, you can easily read up on the legislative process; but to understand these constraints will mean your work can be much more effectively targeted, and your message can be much more effectively developed.

Appropriate to all sectors – public, private, voluntary and academic – this training is available to groups from 5-15 from just ₤195/half day.

Ultonia cuts costs on translation

Ultonia Communications is taking on the translation of a 52,000-word German piece into both UK and Irish English.

This specialized service is available at daily rather than per-word rates, thus bringing down costs to clients and agencies.

New Social Media monitoring service

As part of our media monitoring we can now offer full social media monitoring.

Advantages to you include:

  • assessment of new comments across the Internet about you;
  • comparison of your mentions versus those of rivals/partners; and
  • detail of what is being said about you (and others) through social media and online in general.

This service is combined with specialised media monitoring providing a comprehensive “early warning” system around which you can plan your political communications, sales strategies and services.

available to clients in all sectors, either in combination with general communications/research services or as a stand-alone, priced at £395/month (€495/month).

Marketing NI Report available

The report of Breakthrough NI’s latest event, “Marketing NI”, is now available to all those who attended or expressed an interest ahead of the event.

It was a World Cafe-style event, the third in the Doing Things Differently series, bringing together people from all sectors – public, private, voluntary and political – in an innovative, ideas-based format.

The event was introduced by the NI Tourist Board‘s Siobhan McGuigan and summarized by Brian Ambrose, Chief Executive of Belfast City Airport and Chairman of Tourism Ireland.

Breakthrough NI "Marketing" event at Titanic Quarter, Belfast, May 2012

30 attendees joined Breakthrough NI’s highly successful “Marketing NI” world cafe event in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter in May, and put forward several interesting proposals

Ultonia Communications event-managed and sponsored the morning, hosted by the NI Science Park.

Attendees are now pursuing several interesting proposals in the areas of promoting investment, encouraging export-based entrepreneurship an making use of new tourism ideas.

Language Learning Kit

We offer innovative routes to quick language learning success, based on an entirely different approach to language learning.

One area of focus is core vocabulary – a file of which covering major Western European languages and some minority languages is downloadable free here.

Even with this file, we urge caution. Traditional learning methods emphasize like-for-like correspondences between words – for example “to ask” is usually given as “demander” in French and “fragen” in German. But what when it is “prier” in French and “bitten” in German? We move away from vocabulary building of that type, emphasizing instead that words must be learned in context.

Nevertheless, some core words – typically short and in frequent use – are essential to fluent use of any language. The file attached will be particularly useful to people who have any of:

  • passive competence in the target language;
  • competence in a language close to the target language (e.g. Spanish speakers heading on holiday to Italy); or
  • former competence in the target language.

Take a look, and feel free to comment on the left!

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Ultonia publishes Ulster-Scots grammar

Ulster Scots: A Short Reference Grammar

Ulster Scots SRG: Cover
“This book comprehensively shifts the Ulster-Scots debate on to new, more positive ground.” – Ian Adamson

Available in/from the United Kingdom here

Available in/from the United States here

Available elsewhere via Amazon (in EUR, in USD)

Accessible to everyone – from novice language learner to professional translator – it is an indispensable guide for writers of the authentic modern and literary tongue, and an exhaustive exposition of its grammar and syntax.

The text also serves as a fascinating reminder of Ulster’s position at a linguistic crossroads. It provides not just a detailed description of points of grammar and recommendations for use in writing, but also a commentary on the interrelationship between Scots, Gaelic and other Germanic dialects and languages, including as they have travelled to the New World.

This book is designed as the first compact reference grammar of any variety of Scots, focusing on Ulster usage but also covering other varieties. With its clear layout and concise explanations, it will become an invaluable reference for everyone who takes an interest in Ulster-Scots/Scotch-Irish heritage and in the languages of Scotland and Ireland.

For further information, simply leave a comment!

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Latest Offer

Are you a researcher with interviews you need transcribed? An academic with a tape-recorded survey that needs put in print?

Then contact us here – get three hours’ discussion transcribed for under €100 (£80)!

Latest News

Watch out for updates on our events and polling sessions.

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