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Ultonia publishes Ulster-Scots grammar

Ulster Scots: A Short Reference Grammar

Ulster Scots SRG: Cover
“This book comprehensively shifts the Ulster-Scots debate on to new, more positive ground.” – Ian Adamson

Available in/from the United Kingdom here

Available in/from the United States here

Available elsewhere via Amazon (in EUR, in USD)

Accessible to everyone – from novice language learner to professional translator – it is an indispensable guide for writers of the authentic modern and literary tongue, and an exhaustive exposition of its grammar and syntax.

The text also serves as a fascinating reminder of Ulster’s position at a linguistic crossroads. It provides not just a detailed description of points of grammar and recommendations for use in writing, but also a commentary on the interrelationship between Scots, Gaelic and other Germanic dialects and languages, including as they have travelled to the New World.

This book is designed as the first compact reference grammar of any variety of Scots, focusing on Ulster usage but also covering other varieties. With its clear layout and concise explanations, it will become an invaluable reference for everyone who takes an interest in Ulster-Scots/Scotch-Irish heritage and in the languages of Scotland and Ireland.

For further information, simply leave a comment!

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for Public Sector

As a public-funded body you have a responsibility to maximize the potential of your relationships with key partners, stakeholders and the public – while also maximizing value-for-money.

Our innovative approach will guarantee this. Far from being the detached consultant who presents a report and leaves it at that, we will operate alongside you not just to develop communications strategies, but to implement them. This will include:

  • identification of key audiences and best methods of approach (including conferences, tours, presentations);
  • reform of internal communications (including branding, reception, telephone system);
  • introduction of house style and best practice in use of languages other than English (including Sign, Braille);
  • management of relations with media (including 24/7 press office facility and full media monitoring); and
  • development of documentation to prioritize key messages.

Available when you want us, offering a full team with a range of skills, and requiring no overheads, we offer the maximum value PR option.

Due to our commitment to partnership working and a paperless office, this full package can be carried out, after an initial no-cost communications audit, from just £195/day (€250/day) or for an all-inclusive retainer of just £1950/month (€2500/month).

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for Business

In business, you want to know that you are gaining the publicity to keep one step ahead of the competition and increase the value of your business to customers, colleagues and investors.

But as an SME you do not have the time and money to trawl through all the information, make the right political and media contacts, or write compelling messages.

Now you can!

What we do is simple – we provide a full 24/7 press office facility, giving your business an experienced, professional approach to relating to the media and key professional bodies. We are always on-call, and always available to shape your message.

Due to our commitment to partnership working and a paperless office, this monitoring service can be carried out, after an initial no-cost communications audit, from just:

  • £195/month (€250/month) press only; or
  • £395/month (€495/month) with full monitoring and policy influencing capability.
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